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The Photos

My active interest in photography began in 1972. During the summer, when
  traveling through Spain for 3 months, I came to realize, as said by Susan
"that the camera is an excuse to be some place you otherwise
  don't belong".  

  For more than 40 years my interest has mainly been candid, street and
  documentary photography.

  In a very direct way the photos show people, mainly city people and their
  surroundings. The persons are very often being photographed without
  knowing it. I do it openly, discreet and tactful and try to give the
  photos a straight appearance, which makes them unusual.

  In recent years, however, I have become interested in wild life photography,
  especially birds. (Check out Other Stories).

Cameras: Digital SLR, MILC, compact camera and iPhone. My first camera was a
  Minolta SR 1.
  Favourite lenses: 24, 28 and 100 mm prime lenses and a 24-70 mm zoom.

  Software: Canon DPP, Photoshop, Silverfast (scanning software), Topaz AI.
  Films: 24x36 mm color slide films (Kodachrome, Fujichrome Provia or Astia),
  24x36 BW films (Ilford FP4, XP1, Delta).

         © Niels B. Dejgaard